Zip-a-dee doo da: Zipping Around Boise


Last weekend, my brother and I had the chance to ride a scooter around Boise. I initially connected with Veronica’s Scooters a few months back to discuss possible collaborations — one of which was the giveaway for 2 scooter riders.

Thankfully, my work schedule did not consist of weekend travels so I was able to try out Veronica’s Scooters myself. I’m blessed that the weather held up, because I was worried it was going to rain all weekend!

Here is our ENTIRE DAY  in a nutshell:

1PM: Arrive to Veronica’s Scooters and meet with Dave (co-owner). Dave teaches you how to safely ride the scooter, including giving you some time to balance yourself, test out the gas & breaks, and adjust your mirrors. So if you’re worried you  can’t ride a scooter because you don’t know how — Dave is here to help! Me and my brother have NEVER (repeat – never!) been on a scooter before. That time with Dave truly helped us out.

1:30PM: After practicing and getting the hang of the gas & breaks, we were OFF! With the construction on Vista, Dave suggested we take the back streets to lead us to Protest Street. That way, we can take it straight into BSU.


Perfect idea, Dave!

That hill on Protest was that wind-in-your-face all speed ahead thrilling feeling. I know I wasn’t going fast, but dang — that wind in my face at 25 MPH was AWESOME!

2PM-6PM: We did nothing but explore Boise.

List of Stops:

If you want to coordinate your own mini Boise tour, here are some of my stops. I highly suggest you include some of these stops when you drive your scooter around Boise:

Stop 1: Boise State University “B” Sculpture

Where: In front of the BSU State Administrative Plaza

Why: why not take a photo in front of a 12-foot “B” sculpture? Plus, it’s a great photo op

IMG_0268 (1)

Stop 2: Albertson’s Stadium; the famous “Smurf Turf”

Where: East end of Boise State University (corner of Broadway and University)


  • Site of the famous “smurf turf” (blue playing surface)
  • First ever non -green playing surface in football history
  • Site of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl


Stop 3: Opaline School House & Excellence Bell

Where: East End of Boise State University


  • Preserved one-room schoolhouse
  • Used as classroom for mining community’s children in Opaline, ID (no longer in existence)
  • Refurbished in 1084
  • Can actually see old desks and classroom setting inside windows



Stop 4: Christ Chapel

Where: BSU Campus, Broadway at Campus Drive


  • Constructed in 1866
  • Used as schoolhouse for St. Margaret’s School (founded in 1892)
  • Added to National Register of Historical Places in 1974

Stop 5: Friendship Bridge

Where: Near Ann Morrison Theater  on BSU Campus


  • Beautiful view of the Boise River
  • Peaceful place to meditate , take a solo walk or with someone special, or with your family
  • Connects Boise State to Julia Davis Park

Stop 6: Centennial Amphitheater

Where: Greenbelt east of the Friendship Bridge


  • Popular outdoor venue for concerts and other events
  • Easily accessible
  • Great choice for outdoor picnic, lunch date, or quiet place to read & think


Stop 7: Idaho Black History Museum

Where: Julia Davis Park


  • Oldest Black History Museum in Pacific Northwest
  • Host of activities, events, and information
  • Free admission



Stop 8: Abraham Lincoln Bronze Statue

Where: Julia Davis Park (near Idaho Black History Museum


  • Chance to sit near larger-than-life statue of Abe Lincoln
  • Enlarged version of one of most famous image of Lincoln when seated at a bench
  • Wonderful photo-op
  • Usually Abe has something new in his hand, depending on the season (during my tour, it was beautiful flowers)



Stop 9: Rose Garden

Where: Julia Davis Park


  • Site of gorgeous roses
  • Place where families create memorials
  • Nationally recognized Rose Garden in 1992
  • Site of many wedding ceremonies


Stop 10: Tin Roof Tacos (for some GRUB!)

Where: 115 South Broadway Ave, Boise ID


  • Delicious and yummy tacos including: Baja Shrimp, Fried Chicken, and BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Great outdoor patio to grab some fresh air as you grub



Stop 11: Idaho Historical Center

Where: 2205 Old Penitentiary Road Boise


  • Home of the Idaho State Historical Society
  • When opened, good place to visit to learn ways to explore Idaho’s history, including visiting various Idaho landmarks



Stop 12: Idaho Botanical Gardens

Where: 2355 North Old Penitentiary Road, Boise


  • One of the oldest botanical gardens in Idaho
  • 15-acres of lush gardens
  • 13+ gardens including the Children’s Aventure Garden, vegetable garden, and the meditation garden
  • various outdoor and entertaining events including outdoor concerts (depending on season)


Stop 13: Idaho Old State Penitentiary

Where: 2445 Old Penitentiary Road


  • formerly a functional prison in Idaho from 1872 -1973
  • Home to personal collections from prisoners, historical arms & military memorabilia
  • Hosts tours throughout the day
  • entertaining and thrilling (if you go at night)


Stop 14: Goody’s Soda Fountain

Where: 1502 North 13th Street Boise (Hyde Park)


  • Home of soda fountain, homemade ice cream, decadent chocolate, and candy for that sweet tooth
  • Hip and trendy location (converted bungalow house)
  • Seating inside and outside
  • Great place to stop for that sweet dessert during your tour


Stop 15: Camel’s Back Park

Where: 1200 West Heron Street


  • Lots of open space  – perfect for picnic
  • Outdoor gym (burn off those sweets!)
  • Large hill you can climb for a beautiful view of Boise
  • Photo Op!

Stop 16: State Capitol Building

Where: 700 West Jefferson Street


  • Home of the government  of the State of Idaho
  • Historical site (free tours if during the day)
  • Large scale replica of Liberty Bell in front
  • Perfect photo-op!



Boise Bucket List Review: Veronica’s Scooters

I can’t describe how much fun this experience was! I mean, talk about a thrill ride. Yes, you can drive around Boise to see the sites I listed above, but it’s a completely different experience when you go on scooter. It’s a holistic experience: breathing in fresh air, sounds of the scooter’ engine roaring away, power of the wind in my face, easy access to certain sights, and being able to do with friends & family!

Plus, Veronica’s Scooters is a locally owned business and right here as part of the Boise community. I’ll say that the prices and fares to rent a scooter is truly affordable (trust me – I’m from south Florida where hourly rentals are significantly higher; makes sense because it’s a touristy things to do near the beach).

Some feature I’d like to highlight:

You can explore so much on these scooters. There are some places I wish I went to visit (honorable mentions):

  • Anne Frank Memorial
  • Zoo Boise
  • Freak Alley Gallery
  • Boise Art Museum


Definitely checkout Veronica’s Scooters! I look forward to building a relationship with them because it’s an activity you should cross off your IMG_0251Boise Bucket LIst!

I also encourage you to join my Facebook groups (Boise Bucketlisters & Girls Night Boise) to learn about group outing, including riding around Boise on a scooter!



#FoodTruckFriday: MakyJames Grill

Food truck culture is here and present in the Treasure Valley. As you’ve seen on @boise_bucketlist, I have shared photos of the deliciousness of some of the local food trucks.  After checking out my share of food trucks, I thought to myself: why not do #FoodTruckFriday? As the universe would have it, soon after I thought about this idea, I was tagged in this photo of an all-mighty burger by a food truck called MakyJames Grill. With my interested piqued, it only took a matter of time until I was right in front of their food truck, ready to feature them for my FIRST EVER #FoodTruckFriday feature!


About MakyJames Grill

During my lunch break this past Wednesday,  I headed over to the SKYES section of HP  to meet with James and Mary — mother and son team who owns & runs the MakyJames Grill truck. This isn’t Mary’s first time at the food truck rodeo. Prior to her being the Queen of Grill Master here in the Treasure Valley, Mary used to run a food truck which sold custom and unique waffles.  Due to Mary’s love for comfort food, it only makes sense she transitioned into a grilled-based food truck. Think about it: juicy burgers or chicken breasts with a side of crispy fresh fries = comfort food Americana.



Wondering where the name MakyJames came from?

Makalyn is one of Mary’s sons. Around friends and family, Makalyn goes by “Maky”

James is Mary’s other son. He typically goes by Jimmy, but for the purposes of the food truck it’s James

Maky + James = MakyJames Grill Truck

Mother and Son: Good Combination?

Mary and James thought it’ll be a worthwhile venture to combine forces given their unique experiences.

Mary: prior food truck and business experience

James: marketing and communication experience

Makes sense, right?! It’s a win-win.  And it appears to be a successful partnership.

MakyJames Grill: Where Art Thou?

If you’re on the hunt for MakyJames Grill Truck, you can currently find them at the HP location in Boise, near the SKYES complex. MakyJames also appears at local food truck events as they pop up. Most events are advertised through the Southern Idaho Food Truck Association — acts like a middle person to help coordinate food truck events.

Want MakyJames at your next event?

  • email them at

  • Direct Message them on Instagram or Facebook

  • Call them at 208-914-0735

BOI Bucket List Review

I want you to close your eyes and imagine a warm summer night BBQ: smell of charcoal filling the air, sounds of meat sizzling, family chatter. Now imagine your mom preparing this juicy delicious burger, topped with melted cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes & red onions — all on a soft and warm burger bun. The type of burger you know is prepared from the heart and joy of feeding your loved ones with a perfected grilled piece of work.






That’s how Mary grills her burgers.

You witness how grilling comfort food is Mary’s passion. Mary prepared me a special version of the Western Burger:

  • large beef patty
  • thick strips of bacon
  • slices of avocado
  • fresh lettuce, tomato and red onions
  • melted cheedar cheese
  • two crispy onion rings
  • BBQ sauce

Let’s not forget the side of crispy fries hot & ready when served. Mary asked me if I wanted ketchup or homemade fry sauce. I opted for the FRY SAUCE! (note: I knew nothing of this thing called fry sauce until I moved to the Mountain West. Now, I’m hooked!)


James and Mary instructed me to go to my car & eat because it’s best when eating the burger HOT & FRESH. I followed said directive, headed to my car, and took my first bite.




I’ll admit: the burger could not completely fit in my mouth. But boy, that first bite was juicy, packed with flavor, and brought me back to this time of family summer BBQs. I see why she’s the Queen of the Grill.


And let’s chat about the homemade fry sauce. Mary did share her secret in giving it its unique flavor (which I won’t share ;))

All I could say while slowly chomping away at this Western Burger was OMG, OMG, OMGThis is ahhhhmazing!  It didn’t matter that slices of the avocado was spilling onto the fries. It didn’t matter my hands were dripping, and messy, and absolutely worth licking.  It didn’t matter that I was (thankfully ) sitting privately in my car because it would have been utterly embarrassing to eat in front of others.


If you want that authentic burger fresh off the grill, made from the heart of Mary to the point where you think you’re her family, stop by MakyJames Grill. As James said, EMBRACE THE MESS!

MakyJames Grill: What’s On Your Bucket List?

At the end of our conversation, I asked James what would be the first place he would suggest to someone visiting Boise for the first time?

MakyJames Grill!

I laughed and said, what would be the 2nd place he’d suggest.

Definitely Camel Back because of the view you get of Boise.

Grab your MakyJames Grill burger, eat in your car, then drive over to Camel Back to burn it off + get an awesome view of Boise!

Want to be featured on my @boise_bucketlist Food Truck Friday? Email me at or direct message me on Instagram.


This post has been sponsored by MakyJames Grill, but all my opinions are my own.