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Dating in the BOI: 7 Fun 1st Date Ideas


Thanks to the ladies in my Girls Night Boise group, I have a creative list of first-date ideas when dating in Boise. Even if it’s not your first date, here are some date night ideas you can impress your lover with:

  1. Grab a Scooter, get a picnic basket, and zip around Boise.

Scooters are fun, and they add this layer of exhilaration any couple would enjoy. You can either take the picnic to a romantic spot in Boise (Julia Davis Park, Ann Morrison Park, or Camel Back’s Park), or end your scooter adventure at a romantic restaurant.

  1. Be a big kid at Wahooz

This is my personal favorite because the dates with my then-boyfriends started off carefree and casual. Think about how fun it’ll be to tap into your inner kid again. No pressure of highly romantic dates. This is a personal preference, but I’m a big fan of fun and casual dates. Why?

  • Be slightly competitive, fun & flirty while playing mini gold
  • Jump in a go-kart and race each other & see who wins
  • Have fun as you play laser tag
  • Get to know each other over a slice of pizza
  • Take some of those classic photo booth pictures


Plus – it’s my way of seeing if a guy is hyper competitive and if whether he can be silly & relaxed. Not take himself too seriously. It’s also an excuse for me to wear a cute top, some boyfriend cut jeans, and throw on my Converses.

  1. Get Your PAC MAN on at SpaceBar Arcade

Talk about bringing it back, in an entertaining and fun way. Who doesn’t old school arcade games?  SpaceBar Arcade is this cool spot located below Dharma Sushi and Thai on Capitol Blvd in Downtown Boise. You know you’re in the right spot when you see the line of old school arcade machines for your perusing.  Head to the bar to grab some drinks. You’ll notice an 80s movie playing one these 3 small TVs in the corner. And it’s a VHS that’s playing (my younger audience may need to google what a VHS is.) If you want to tape into your Nintendo skills, grab a seat on the couch with your date and start playing!

I’ve been to the SpaceBar Arcade to hang out, but never on a date. This is on my list.

  1. Tap into you artist at Ceramica

Calling all Demi Moores and Patrick Swayzes (Ghost movie reference). Well, maybe not so much like that scene, but you can get together and paint your own pottery piece. It allows both of you to tap into your creative side and see how each other creates. You can even give each other your masterpieces once they are ready.

  1. Hiking & Grab Healthy Smoothie Afterwards


With plenty of hiking trails, you have many opportunities to have your first date be an active one. You can see beautiful Boise while getting to know each other. After burning off some calories, you can grab some healthy cuisine at places like Fresh Café Boise.

  1. Capital City Market + 8th Street Brunch

Since I’ve experienced the Capital City Market for the first time last weekend, I can definitely see it being an ideal place for a first date. You can take your time exploring all the various vendor tables, buy each other fun gifts, and take your time strolling as you talk & connect. It’s low key enough to where you don’t have that high  pressure to keep chatting. Plus, you can be flirty in a less-than-obvious way. Maybe that’s me talking because I’m not the best with all of that flirty stuff. After taking your time walking around, you can then head over to one of the restaurants on 8th Street: Juniper, Eureka, Wild Root Café, Bittercreek Alehouse, and Red Feather Lounge. You can even venture off 8th Street and head over to Bacon or St. Lawrence Gridiron.

  1. Get Your Laugh on at Liquid Laughs

You can’t beat having a good laugh in at your first date. It’s an ideal way to break the ice between 2 people. Why not head over to Liquid Laughs for your first date? I haven’t been to liquid laughs, but I know it’s a place I’m adding to my date night bucket list. You can grab dinner beforehand at Solid, or Bardenay, or P.F. Chang. You can walk over to Liquid Laughs, sit next to each other, and enjoy being entertained. Afterwards, you can maybe walk around downtown and keep the conversation going.

This is my PART I of my 1ST date ideas. Big special thanks to my girls night boise special ladies for their dating ideas and input: Taylor, Ashley,  and Crystal! Stay tuned for plenty more ideas.

My Top 6 Picks for BOI Summer Concerts


I love music.

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t enjoy some good tunes. I’m fortunate to be living in a city with a vibrant and eclectic music scene. With summer months ahead, I have my calendar constantly filling up with upcoming tours & music festival I can’t wait to attend. That said, here’ my Boise Bucket List of the 6 Must-See BOI Summer Concerts!

  1. Dirty Heads & SOJA (Friday, July 7th, 2017)

Where: Ford Idaho Center Arena, Nampa

Ticket Prices: $25-$125

I’ve been a personal fan of the Dirty Heads since about 2011. In 2012, their summer tour brought them to Portland, ME State Theater. You’d think I’d go and see the Dirty Heads with them being in my ‘hood. Nope. Didn’t happen.

Life got busy after, and I wasn’t too concerned with going to any local concerts.

2017 – I have another chance to see the Dirty Heads. And this time, it’ll be VIP!

Dirty Heads have those reggae vibes infused with hip-hop beats. These Huntingon Beach, CA natives make me feel like I’m at the beach, vibing with a tropical drink in my hands. All my worries go away when I jam out to “Spread Too Thin.”

  1. Boise Music Fest (Saturday, June 24th, 2017)


Where: Expo Idaho, 5610 North Glenwood, Garden City

Tickets: $25-$125

In the past 7 years, Boise Music Fest has grown to a become a huge family event, attracting attendees from all over, especially in the Mountain and Pacific Northwest. This year should be no different. From carnivals to food vendors to multiple stages – it’s the summer music fest you can’t miss.

This year’s lineup includes:

  • Flo-RIDA (of course a Floridian is heading to Boise while I’m here)
  • The Band Perry (If I Die Young – my jam!)
  • Sean Kingston (Durty Rock with Nicki Minaj was my dancing anthem when in law school)

  1. Train, Natasha Bedingfield, and O.A.R.

Where: Ford Idaho Center Arena, Nampa

Tickets: $58-$85

Whenever a Train song comes on, I inevitably sing along. And Natasha Bedingfield? I was one of those that used to watch ‘The Hills” and jam to ‘Unwritten” like my life depended on it.

No. Seriously.

I’m looking forward to taking it back to some good hits which bring me back great memories. I can say my life right not is definitely unwritten.

  1. Idaho Botanical Gardens Summer Concert Series 2017

Where: Idaho Botanical Gardens

Tickets: prices vary

Imagine watching your favorite artists perform with the foothills surrounding you, and a late-night summer Idaho sunset. Yes, that’s what you get with the Idaho Botanical Gardens Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series.  This summer’s lineup includes:

  • John Mellencamp
  • Santana
  • Dashboard Confessionals
  • Diana Krall
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead

Make sure you grab your tickets quickly! These tickets sell out, like Santana’s.

  1. 311 & New Politics

Where: Revolution Concert House

Tickets: $40

311 has been a favorite of mine since I was in high school. Who doesn’t remember “Down”? I think that’s when I really got into the reggae-fused alternative sounds. Like the Dirty Heads, I had a chance to see them back in Maine, but nope. Miss that opportunity too! My personal favorite songs are “Amber” and “Love Song” from one of my favorite movies 50 First Dates.

  1. Downtown Boise Alive After 5 Summer Concert Series

Where: The Grove Plaza, Downtown Boise

Tickets: FREE

For over 30 years, Downtown Boise Association put on weekly concerts at the Grove for the public to attend. This year, summer concerts will run from June 7th – August 30th.  The concerts start at 5pm and end around 8pm.  Make sure to visit the website to see the complete list of artists scheduled to perform

Honorable Mentions:

Here are some concerts and festivals I think you should cross off your #BOImusicbucketlist


  1. The Beach Boys – July 9th, 2017
  2. Korn – June 25th, 2017
  3. Blondie & Garbage – July 14th, 2017

What are some of the concerts you plan to attend this summer?! Don’t forget to share on this post on my page at @boise_bucketlist. Use #BOIsummermusic2017 to be featured on my page!

Food Truck Friday Review: Twister Sister Coffee & Smoothies



It’s Friday, and you know what that means:

Boise Bucket List Food Truck Review!

This week, I had the honor of meeting Karlie & Matthew – owners of the Twister Sister Coffee and Smoothies.

Why so Twisted, Sister?

Karlie & Matthew  decided to get into the food truck business back in October 2016. Matthew – a wildlife firefighter, and Karlie – a student at BSU, were driving around Boise and saw a “for sale” sign in the Twisted Sister Coffee Truck.


Karlie & Matthew contacted the owner, and before they knew it, there were proud owners of EVERYTHING TWISTED SISTER. From the name, to the food truck — even advice on how to get started as a food truck business.  Karlie & Matthew opted to do coffee because during the long days as a wildlife firefighter, coffee wasn’t always fresh. Why not bring the coffee to the firefighters?

Did someone say Potato Drop?

Twisted Sister Coffee had their first big break at the 2017 Idaho Potato Drop celebration. With all the attendees feigning for hot chocolate (or something hot for that 12 degree freezing weather!), it’s no surprise that they sold out of over 15 gallons of milk! They were swamped so much that neither Karlie or Matthew were able to see the potato drop!

Let’s Talk About Deals:

Twisted Sister Coffee has the coolest deals around:

  • Customer Punch Card (get 10 drinks, get 1 free)
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup): get a $1.00 off a drink (perfect for those who have that favorite coffee cup)
  • Monthly special drinks created by Karlie and Matthew (this month it’s the Banana Muffin Mocha and the Birthday Cake Mocha
  • Glazed Donuts for purchase
  • Iced AND blended coffee drinks



Want to get Twisted too? You can find  Twister Sister Coffee here:


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/twistedsistercoffee/

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/twistedsistercoffee/

Some Twisted Facts:

  • Karlie and Matthew have a monthly competition of whose monthly special sells the most. I won’t tell you who is behind the Birthday Cake Mocha or the Banana Muffin Mocha. Just know that if you buy the  monthly special, you’re contributing to a friendly husband/wife competition!
  • Not only sells coffee. Twisted Sister also sells smoothies, espresso drinks, and delicious pastries
  • Karlie balanced going to school & planning a wedding all while she and Matthew were gearing up to launch this food truck (true entrepreneurship!)
  • A Facebook followers of theirs drove all the way from downtown Boise to ISU in Meridian just to try their almond nut chai (yes people, it’s that good!)

Boise Bucket List Review

As you may get from my feed at @boise_bucketlist, I love coffee. I mean, I was raised on coffee. In my parents’ house, I have this huge coffee mug that I’m known for. My poor dad has to make extra coffee whenever I’m visiting. He doesn’t mind!

That said, I was so happy to drive over to HP and meet Karlie & Matthew. They are the young couple who are chasing their entrepreneurial dream. When I first arrived, I met Matthew who is at the window. After introducing  myself (which, by the way is a unique experience because my followers don’t necessarily know how I look), I started chatting with Matthew. Karlie joined us soon thereafter.

While I was interviewing them about their story, one of their regular customers was at the window ready to order. This customer had no idea I was interviewing Karlie for my review. Because of her not knowing, I could see how much she enjoyed the coffee served at Twisted Sister. She ended up getting the “Blue Monster.” Once she realized I was interviewing Karlie, she was raving about the food truck! I love when that happens.

After my awesome interview, Matthew prepared me the almond latte.

OMG – I see  why the Facebook fan drove to Meridian to get his fix. It’s that good!



Plus, it was raining out when I met up with Karlie and Matthew. So it was the perfect way to keep me warm.

More importantly, I’m a huge fan and supporter of small businesses who are out here chasing their dreams. Karlie and Matthew are no exception. They continue to grow and prosper with the help and support of the local food truck scene here in Boise, especially the Idaho Food Truck Coalition. And let’s not forget about my buddies at MakyJames Grill. They, too, serve as mentors to fellow food truck owners.

Get Twisted with Twisted Sister Coffee & tell them Boise Bucket List says hello! You’ll thank me once you try that almond latte 🙂

Would you like to be featured on Boise Bucket List? I’m always on the hunt for the best food trucks around, whether you’re starting up or been in business for some time. Email me at theboisebucketlist@gmail.com to chat & get started!



Zip-a-dee doo da: Zipping Around Boise


Last weekend, my brother and I had the chance to ride a scooter around Boise. I initially connected with Veronica’s Scooters a few months back to discuss possible collaborations — one of which was the giveaway for 2 scooter riders.

Thankfully, my work schedule did not consist of weekend travels so I was able to try out Veronica’s Scooters myself. I’m blessed that the weather held up, because I was worried it was going to rain all weekend!

Here is our ENTIRE DAY  in a nutshell:

1PM: Arrive to Veronica’s Scooters and meet with Dave (co-owner). Dave teaches you how to safely ride the scooter, including giving you some time to balance yourself, test out the gas & breaks, and adjust your mirrors. So if you’re worried you  can’t ride a scooter because you don’t know how — Dave is here to help! Me and my brother have NEVER (repeat – never!) been on a scooter before. That time with Dave truly helped us out.

1:30PM: After practicing and getting the hang of the gas & breaks, we were OFF! With the construction on Vista, Dave suggested we take the back streets to lead us to Protest Street. That way, we can take it straight into BSU.


Perfect idea, Dave!

That hill on Protest was that wind-in-your-face all speed ahead thrilling feeling. I know I wasn’t going fast, but dang — that wind in my face at 25 MPH was AWESOME!

2PM-6PM: We did nothing but explore Boise.

List of Stops:

If you want to coordinate your own mini Boise tour, here are some of my stops. I highly suggest you include some of these stops when you drive your scooter around Boise:

Stop 1: Boise State University “B” Sculpture

Where: In front of the BSU State Administrative Plaza

Why: why not take a photo in front of a 12-foot “B” sculpture? Plus, it’s a great photo op

IMG_0268 (1)

Stop 2: Albertson’s Stadium; the famous “Smurf Turf”

Where: East end of Boise State University (corner of Broadway and University)


  • Site of the famous “smurf turf” (blue playing surface)
  • First ever non -green playing surface in football history
  • Site of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl


Stop 3: Opaline School House & Excellence Bell

Where: East End of Boise State University


  • Preserved one-room schoolhouse
  • Used as classroom for mining community’s children in Opaline, ID (no longer in existence)
  • Refurbished in 1084
  • Can actually see old desks and classroom setting inside windows



Stop 4: Christ Chapel

Where: BSU Campus, Broadway at Campus Drive


  • Constructed in 1866
  • Used as schoolhouse for St. Margaret’s School (founded in 1892)
  • Added to National Register of Historical Places in 1974

Stop 5: Friendship Bridge

Where: Near Ann Morrison Theater  on BSU Campus


  • Beautiful view of the Boise River
  • Peaceful place to meditate , take a solo walk or with someone special, or with your family
  • Connects Boise State to Julia Davis Park

Stop 6: Centennial Amphitheater

Where: Greenbelt east of the Friendship Bridge


  • Popular outdoor venue for concerts and other events
  • Easily accessible
  • Great choice for outdoor picnic, lunch date, or quiet place to read & think


Stop 7: Idaho Black History Museum

Where: Julia Davis Park


  • Oldest Black History Museum in Pacific Northwest
  • Host of activities, events, and information
  • Free admission



Stop 8: Abraham Lincoln Bronze Statue

Where: Julia Davis Park (near Idaho Black History Museum


  • Chance to sit near larger-than-life statue of Abe Lincoln
  • Enlarged version of one of most famous image of Lincoln when seated at a bench
  • Wonderful photo-op
  • Usually Abe has something new in his hand, depending on the season (during my tour, it was beautiful flowers)



Stop 9: Rose Garden

Where: Julia Davis Park


  • Site of gorgeous roses
  • Place where families create memorials
  • Nationally recognized Rose Garden in 1992
  • Site of many wedding ceremonies


Stop 10: Tin Roof Tacos (for some GRUB!)

Where: 115 South Broadway Ave, Boise ID


  • Delicious and yummy tacos including: Baja Shrimp, Fried Chicken, and BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Great outdoor patio to grab some fresh air as you grub



Stop 11: Idaho Historical Center

Where: 2205 Old Penitentiary Road Boise


  • Home of the Idaho State Historical Society
  • When opened, good place to visit to learn ways to explore Idaho’s history, including visiting various Idaho landmarks



Stop 12: Idaho Botanical Gardens

Where: 2355 North Old Penitentiary Road, Boise


  • One of the oldest botanical gardens in Idaho
  • 15-acres of lush gardens
  • 13+ gardens including the Children’s Aventure Garden, vegetable garden, and the meditation garden
  • various outdoor and entertaining events including outdoor concerts (depending on season)


Stop 13: Idaho Old State Penitentiary

Where: 2445 Old Penitentiary Road


  • formerly a functional prison in Idaho from 1872 -1973
  • Home to personal collections from prisoners, historical arms & military memorabilia
  • Hosts tours throughout the day
  • entertaining and thrilling (if you go at night)


Stop 14: Goody’s Soda Fountain

Where: 1502 North 13th Street Boise (Hyde Park)


  • Home of soda fountain, homemade ice cream, decadent chocolate, and candy for that sweet tooth
  • Hip and trendy location (converted bungalow house)
  • Seating inside and outside
  • Great place to stop for that sweet dessert during your tour


Stop 15: Camel’s Back Park

Where: 1200 West Heron Street


  • Lots of open space  – perfect for picnic
  • Outdoor gym (burn off those sweets!)
  • Large hill you can climb for a beautiful view of Boise
  • Photo Op!

Stop 16: State Capitol Building

Where: 700 West Jefferson Street


  • Home of the government  of the State of Idaho
  • Historical site (free tours if during the day)
  • Large scale replica of Liberty Bell in front
  • Perfect photo-op!



Boise Bucket List Review: Veronica’s Scooters

I can’t describe how much fun this experience was! I mean, talk about a thrill ride. Yes, you can drive around Boise to see the sites I listed above, but it’s a completely different experience when you go on scooter. It’s a holistic experience: breathing in fresh air, sounds of the scooter’ engine roaring away, power of the wind in my face, easy access to certain sights, and being able to do with friends & family!

Plus, Veronica’s Scooters is a locally owned business and right here as part of the Boise community. I’ll say that the prices and fares to rent a scooter is truly affordable (trust me – I’m from south Florida where hourly rentals are significantly higher; makes sense because it’s a touristy things to do near the beach).

Some feature I’d like to highlight:

You can explore so much on these scooters. There are some places I wish I went to visit (honorable mentions):

  • Anne Frank Memorial
  • Zoo Boise
  • Freak Alley Gallery
  • Boise Art Museum


Definitely checkout Veronica’s Scooters! I look forward to building a relationship with them because it’s an activity you should cross off your IMG_0251Boise Bucket LIst!

I also encourage you to join my Facebook groups (Boise Bucketlisters & Girls Night Boise) to learn about group outing, including riding around Boise on a scooter!


#FoodTruckFriday: MakyJames Grill

Food truck culture is here and present in the Treasure Valley. As you’ve seen on @boise_bucketlist, I have shared photos of the deliciousness of some of the local food trucks.  After checking out my share of food trucks, I thought to myself: why not do #FoodTruckFriday? As the universe would have it, soon after I thought about this idea, I was tagged in this photo of an all-mighty burger by a food truck called MakyJames Grill. With my interested piqued, it only took a matter of time until I was right in front of their food truck, ready to feature them for my FIRST EVER #FoodTruckFriday feature!


About MakyJames Grill

During my lunch break this past Wednesday,  I headed over to the SKYES section of HP  to meet with James and Mary — mother and son team who owns & runs the MakyJames Grill truck. This isn’t Mary’s first time at the food truck rodeo. Prior to her being the Queen of Grill Master here in the Treasure Valley, Mary used to run a food truck which sold custom and unique waffles.  Due to Mary’s love for comfort food, it only makes sense she transitioned into a grilled-based food truck. Think about it: juicy burgers or chicken breasts with a side of crispy fresh fries = comfort food Americana.



Wondering where the name MakyJames came from?

Makalyn is one of Mary’s sons. Around friends and family, Makalyn goes by “Maky”

James is Mary’s other son. He typically goes by Jimmy, but for the purposes of the food truck it’s James

Maky + James = MakyJames Grill Truck

Mother and Son: Good Combination?

Mary and James thought it’ll be a worthwhile venture to combine forces given their unique experiences.

Mary: prior food truck and business experience

James: marketing and communication experience

Makes sense, right?! It’s a win-win.  And it appears to be a successful partnership.

MakyJames Grill: Where Art Thou?

If you’re on the hunt for MakyJames Grill Truck, you can currently find them at the HP location in Boise, near the SKYES complex. MakyJames also appears at local food truck events as they pop up. Most events are advertised through the Southern Idaho Food Truck Association — acts like a middle person to help coordinate food truck events.

Want MakyJames at your next event?

  • email them at makyjamesgrill@gmail.com

  • Direct Message them on Instagram or Facebook

  • Call them at 208-914-0735

BOI Bucket List Review

I want you to close your eyes and imagine a warm summer night BBQ: smell of charcoal filling the air, sounds of meat sizzling, family chatter. Now imagine your mom preparing this juicy delicious burger, topped with melted cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes & red onions — all on a soft and warm burger bun. The type of burger you know is prepared from the heart and joy of feeding your loved ones with a perfected grilled piece of work.






That’s how Mary grills her burgers.

You witness how grilling comfort food is Mary’s passion. Mary prepared me a special version of the Western Burger:

  • large beef patty
  • thick strips of bacon
  • slices of avocado
  • fresh lettuce, tomato and red onions
  • melted cheedar cheese
  • two crispy onion rings
  • BBQ sauce

Let’s not forget the side of crispy fries hot & ready when served. Mary asked me if I wanted ketchup or homemade fry sauce. I opted for the FRY SAUCE! (note: I knew nothing of this thing called fry sauce until I moved to the Mountain West. Now, I’m hooked!)


James and Mary instructed me to go to my car & eat because it’s best when eating the burger HOT & FRESH. I followed said directive, headed to my car, and took my first bite.




I’ll admit: the burger could not completely fit in my mouth. But boy, that first bite was juicy, packed with flavor, and brought me back to this time of family summer BBQs. I see why she’s the Queen of the Grill.


And let’s chat about the homemade fry sauce. Mary did share her secret in giving it its unique flavor (which I won’t share ;))

All I could say while slowly chomping away at this Western Burger was OMG, OMG, OMGThis is ahhhhmazing!  It didn’t matter that slices of the avocado was spilling onto the fries. It didn’t matter my hands were dripping, and messy, and absolutely worth licking.  It didn’t matter that I was (thankfully ) sitting privately in my car because it would have been utterly embarrassing to eat in front of others.


If you want that authentic burger fresh off the grill, made from the heart of Mary to the point where you think you’re her family, stop by MakyJames Grill. As James said, EMBRACE THE MESS!

MakyJames Grill: What’s On Your Bucket List?

At the end of our conversation, I asked James what would be the first place he would suggest to someone visiting Boise for the first time?

MakyJames Grill!

I laughed and said, what would be the 2nd place he’d suggest.

Definitely Camel Back because of the view you get of Boise.

Grab your MakyJames Grill burger, eat in your car, then drive over to Camel Back to burn it off + get an awesome view of Boise!

Want to be featured on my @boise_bucketlist Food Truck Friday? Email me at theboisebucketlist@gmail.com or direct message me on Instagram.


This post has been sponsored by MakyJames Grill, but all my opinions are my own.


Dating in the BOI: Ghost of the Ex

Being single — whether it’s in Boise or another city — there’s moments where you feel like there’s a ghost of boyfriend (or girlfriends’) past.

What do I mean?

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my recent dating experiences and the takeaway from each one. I feel it’s essential given I’m not having the most positive experiences.

(BTW: there’s a few stories I have yet to share. Stay tuned!).

One common denominator is that none of them have elevated to a level of genuine seriousness.  I mean, there is one person I chatted with on the phone (a must for me if I’m investing in getting to know a guy, especially if I can’t see him physically). That won’t lead to anything, especially after meeting him before my trip to Asia.

This is where ghost of boyfriend’s past comes in.

I don’t share much on my blog about my personal life, but I think it’s important for this post.

My most recent relationship was the one where I underwent the most change: love, adoration, pain, hurt, sorrow, laughter.


I met Mr. Handsome (that was my name for him in my cellphone) in late 2012, during my last year of law school. He was my escape. After being highly engaged as a student, I was in need of my own space from my law school duties.

Insert Mr. Handsome.

  • Tall (6’4)
  • Older by 3 years (which I prefer)
  • Dreads
  • Father
  • Worked in education

Over the course of November & December, Mr. Handsome and I had a connection that i hadn’t had since my last boyfriend.


  • Talked on the phone every night during the week (he had his daughter on the weekend due to a temporary custody visit schedule)
  • Met up at a location between our respective places we lived ( i lived in Portland, ME and he lived in Auburn, ME)
  • Usually met either at the LL Bean in Freeport or a McDonald’s in Gray, ME
  • Talked for hours ( I remember he and I being tired the next day because we were out too late)

After about 6 dates or so, he asked me while we were packing up from a night of bowling:

Mr. Handsome: Can we be daters?

Me: Daters?

Mr. Handsome: Yes (shyly).

We’ve been on 6 dates (Mr. Handsome loves numbers and he would remember dates & periods of time).

I thought it was cute, because he was basically asking if we could be exclusive.

That was the beginning. During the course of our relationship, I thought I found my person. He was corky (some thought weird) but ideal for my outgoing personality, introduced me to his interests, we had our own language and ways of talking to each other, and our own routine.

But lots happened in between:

  • Met his little girl (took 6 months to meet her, which I’m proud about)
  • Met his family
  • Moved in together
  • He won primary custody of his daughter
  • Broke up
  • Moved out
  • Got back together
  • Broke up
  • Got engaged
  • Broke up
  • Moved away

Yes, did you catch that? We were engaged.

See, the thing is that our relationship was complex, filled with raw emotions, real substantive heavy issues, and lots of back and forth. I thought engagement would be the best next step.

No, unfortunately not.

I’ll just say this: sometimes you can’t fall in love with the potential or hope of what the person will become. Mr. Handsome had (hopefully past tense) deeper issues that would rise to the surface . I don’t question whether or not he cared for me, but he couldn’t reciprocate the love I needed in return.

Thus, broken engagement left me distraught and having to leave the life I built in Maine.

Now, I’m here in Boise, living a life I always imagined. Working in a field I love, enjoying new experiences, meeting new people.

So why am I saying all of this?

I know a few of you who read my blogs (thank you!), whether married or single, go through the motions of relationships. If you’re single like me, there will be moments where you think of the times with those from your past.

Last year before moving to Boise, I wouldn’t entertain those thoughts. I buried them so deep inside, I’d forget about my time with my ex, the life we could of had, and the life I left in Maine.

With these recent dating experiences, I’m  realizing I’m attempting to absolve myself with any thoughts of my previous life. Most of these dates have been fillers — people I entertain for the hell of it.

The issue with this method is that nothing is absolved. It’s a temporary fix. None of them give me that feeling of Yes, I’d like to learn more about him. Don’t get me wrong, some I’ve had a connection with. Maybe it’s a Virgo thing or maybe it’s my personality (or a little bit of both), I don’t quickly fall for someone. Honestly, it takes me quite some time to establish a real connection with another person. I do not share the “real” me until I feel they are worthy.

I’m using this post to celebrate what I’ve got from my past relationship with Mr. Handsome, and remember that I’ll meet someone again that’ll give me that feeling.

Artifacts from the Ex:

  • Enjoy watching English Premier league and US Soccer
  • Hard to listen to Bob Marley Songs
  • My jeep (his dad helped me select it when car shopping)
  • Blue Memphis sweatshirt
  • My gray calf boots (his mom gave them to me)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtles (his daughter loved watching the cartoon)
  • Can’t drink Blue Moon (his fav)
  • Hard to look at lead singer of Rage Against the Machine (someone said he looks like him when he had dreads)
  • Appreciation for running (his fav way to stay in shape)
  • Learning that I cannot wait for the day to become a mother

When dating someone who has children from a previous relationship, it can be challenging — especially if you break up. The hardest part of the breakup was saying goodbye to his little girl. I lived with her for over a year. My bond with her was deep, rich, and impacted me in ways I can never truly express in words. From her hugs to her personalized handmade letters, she gave me a snippet into what life may be like as a (then) step mom. Saying goodbye was heart wrenching and a moment of my life I would not want to re-live.

Moving forward, I plan to focus on my priorities. And I’ll admit (finally), dating isn’t one of them. I’m no longer interested in spending time on the whole let-me-get-to-know-you show.

  • Wasting time respond to a text
  • No longer responding to subtle attempts to seek attention
  • Deactivate my dating profiles
  • Cutting someone out the moment they play stupid & ridiculous games

These next months, I’m going to Date Myself.

Yes, that’s what I said.

Do things I’ve put in the back burner, such as:

  • Get back into running
  • Get back into reading
  • Get back to aimlessly roaming a city with no expectations
  • Get back into going out with my girls
  • Get back to event planning & having a good ol’ time
  • Get back to ME

Ghost of boyfriend’s past is a reality. I acknowledge it, and I’ve grown from it. Cheers to new beginnings and always believing in love and finding the one who fits you best.


Over the Moon @ Moon Blossom Day Spa

Before my long travels to Asia, nothing was better than receiving a facial from the ladies at Moon Blossom Day Spa! These ladies invited me to checkout their business, and boy was I blown away.

Located in Nampa (near Nampa High School), what seems like an ordinary establishment on the outside is a spa oasis in the inside. As you walk up the stairs, you may not think you’re walking to a spa, but don’t be fooled!

When you enter the door, you’re greeted with a cozy and comfortable setting, coupled with friendly staff and calming scents.

About Moon Blossom Day Spa

Moon Blossom Day Spa is a locally owned spa that opened up nearly two years ago. The co-owners, Aubrey and Shelly, were co-workers at their previous place of employment.  Aubrey and Shelly decided to step out on their own and open up their own spa — thank goodness! Moon Blossom Day Spa now blesses Nampa & the rest of the Treasure Valley.

The Spa offers so many different services, including:

  • Massage
  • Skin Care
  • Body Wraps
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Waxing
  • Hair & Nail Services
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Spa Day Packages
  • Spa Group Parties (PERFECT for brides, birthday parties, and other celebrations)

Boise Bucket List Facial

Aubrey treated me to the Moon Blossom Classic Facial. Boy, was my skin forever grateful! The Classic Facial includes:

  • Gentle Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Warm Towel Treatment
  • Shoulder & Neck Stress-Reliever Massage
  • Clarifying Mask

OMG – I didn’t want this to end. Not at all! It was extremely relaxing, comforting, and gave me the refreshing glow anyone would want — especially before traveling to a new destination.

I particularly enjoyed Aubrey’s personal touch and attention. Moreover, I felt I was in my own private spa oasis. The spa room was cozy, comfortable, and had the perfect personal touch (photos of Aubrey’s beautiful little girl is on the wall near the door). From the classic relaxing sounds playing from the speakers to the calming aroma circulating the room — I was in a deep relaxing state I haven’t been in for some time.

I have extremely weak forearms (Carpel Tunnel anyone?!), and I’ll say her massage relieved some of the pressure I typically experience. It’s as though any build up in my forearm was released and dissipated.

I strongly suggest you visit the lovely ladies at Moon Blossom Day Spa!

Are you a student at College of Idaho and NNU? Even better! You get to enjoy a discount when you show your student ID (winning!).

Head out to Nampa & fall over the moon for the Moon Blossom Day Spa. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you want your small and local business to be reviewed? Please send me an email at the boisebucketlist@gmail.com

This post was sponsored by Moon Blossom Day Spa. All opinions are my own. 

BOI Bucket List Travels: Mingling in Mongolia Part I

There’s my Boise Bucket List, and then there’s my overall life Bucket List. Collecting stamps on my passport is definitely one of those activities I’d like to cross off my #dianasbucketlist

Fortunately for me, that stamp collection was placed in overdrive because of my job.

For nearly 2 weeks, I’ll be in Asia traveling to 3 different countries: Mongolia, China, and Philippines.

Here’s my first entry: Mingling in Mongolia:


My travels to Mongolia was quite the adventure. For starters, my 7:25AM flight wasn’t without action. Boise airport was surprisingly busy for a Thursday morning. I mean, it took about 25 minutes to get through security. A LONG 25 minutes.

Why is it surprising?

Well, I’ll tell you that with Boise being a regional airport, I’ve had a short wait time for flights. Security would take about 10 minutes top. One flight, I got there an hour before my flight, and I even had time to (comfortably) grab a bite to eat!

Not this trip. Goodness the line was wrapped around the security waiting area. I barely had time to get my coffee!


My first stop was San Francisco. The flight was without anything noteworthy. Got my usual coffee and snack. The airplane was empty, so I had no seatmate. Just me and my window seat.

I had about a 3 hour layover, so I decided to get some food and enjoy the free WiFi. I ended up at Joe and Juice Co — a modern and hip coffee and juice café in the international terminal. As you see on my @boise_bucketlist feed, you’ll see my essentials were a caffe latte + juice packed with essential vitamins.

After ordering from a hip young man with a strategically messy “man bun”, I headed to an empty booth.


I charged my phone, checked some work emails, and got some content for @boise_bucketlist and my blog.

Before I knew it, it was time to head to the terminal and prepare for the boarding experience.

That waiting area was PACKED. I saw lots of shopping bags as carry-ons:

  • Gap
  • Gucci
  • Michael Kors
  • Chanel
  • JCrew

I mean, it was like everyone got the same memo to head to USA to drop some major coins!

It was time to get ready for the longest flight of my life. The total flight time was… Wait for it… 11 hours!

Yes, I said 11 hours.

With this being my first international flight, I took everything in:

  • The flight service attendants annoyed by people who were not prepared with their passports when boarding
  • The well-manicured flight attendants with pearly whites & tight buns smiling as we boarded the plane, directing us where to go
  • The size of the plane ( those type of planes you see on TV, with 3 rows, huge TVs, business class with seats that convert into beds, and 2 floors)
  • Each seat had its own pillow and blanket ready for use during the flight

Yes,  I’m an observant person and I notice everything.

With the flight attendants preparing us ready for take off, I said a prayer for me and my fellow flight colleagues, prayed for the pilot and co-pilot, and hope we arrived safely (saying a quiet prayer is routine for me.)

And takeoff!

I’m on a 11 hour flight. With these type of flights, you get food served throughout the flight. Plus, there’s on-flight entertainment options.

So, I’ll admit that my stomach wasn’t up for all that processed food which came my way. Although the food was good, it was a lot. I’m not always the healthiest eater, but the food I eat is mostly fresh. The meals were as follows (in this order):

  • Lunch: saucy chicken on top of a bed of rice, side of black bean quinoa salad, baguette, and a small dessert (Mango sorbet)
  • Snack: peanuts + Sprite
  • Breakfast: potatoes topped with saucy eggs, baguette, and fruit cup

I’ll admit: those eggs toward the end of the flight put my stomach in a bit of a frenzy. I don’t know if it was the sauce or how the eggs were cooked. But something didn’t sit well after barely taking a few bites of the eggs.

The rest of the flight I took a few sips of water, took deep breaths, and relaxed. I wanted to try to calm my stomach down before it got too crazy!

PEK (Beijing International Airport)

After landing safely, my adventure to continued.

My domestic travel ways made me comfortable and assume a few things. One being that connecting flights and obtaining a boarding pass wouldn’t be an ordeal.

Here’s the scoop: generally when traveling to China, you need a China Visa. But wait – there are 2 exceptions:

  1. 24 hour Transit: if you are traveling to ANOTHER destination (in transit, basically) and it’s NOT another city in China, you do NOT need a Chinese Visa
  2. 72-Hour Visit: if you are in China for 72 hours or LESS, you do NOT need a Chinese Visa.

I knew something was off when United (yes, I flew United! despite all recent news lately) printed out all my boarding passes EXCEPT for the one to Mongolia.

Hmm, that’s odd.

Anyway, after getting off the plane, I initially followed the crowd thinking all I had to do was find Mongolia Air and obtain my boarding pass before I had to go through Customs.

Nope. WRONG.

After aimlessly walking around asking for help:

Me to Chinese Airport Staff #1: Excuse me, where do I get my boarding pass?

Chinese Airport Staff #1: Terminal C. Go out door

For the life of me, I couldn’t find this alleged “Terminal C.” After failing so many times to get help, I grabbed an airport map from one of those display cases, and tried to find where Terminal C was located.

Ok, so I have to take an internal shuttle to Terminal C? How do I get outside  [of the terminal]?

Maybe it was the jetlag. Maybe it was sheer ignorance. But whatever the case is, my thinking skills FINALLY turned on.

Wait, I need to get in the 72-Hour Visa Free Line. That’s what she [Chinese Airport Staff #1] meant by me having to go “outside.”

I get in what appears to be a relatively short line. I felt better that I made the right decision when I saw this tiny inconspicuous sign with handwritten instructions that this line was for those who have connecting flights to another country.

Even better was a young French girl behind me saw my boarding pass when I took it out, and she asked in, with her French accent, “Ulaanbaatar too?”


I kid you not, the line did NOT move for over an hour. I was in the same spot for 60 full minutes. Slowly the line started to move. After 2 1/2 hours later, I was in front of the Chinese Customs staff.

Customs Staff: Passport, please?

Me: [hand over passport]

Customs Staff: itinerary?

Me: [Hand over printed out flight itinerary]

After a few minutes went by, with no verbal communication or confirmation that what I provided was sufficient, all I hear is the sound of stamps hitting my passport.

Click, click, click

Customs Staff: [looks up at my face] Here your passport. Go ahead

Phew, I made it!


I proceed to get onto the internal shuttle to Terminal C. I finally get to Terminal C, and I proceed to find where Mongolia Air is located. I head over to the information desk, and I run into Ms. French Girl. I overhear her asking the same question I was going to ask — where is Mongolia Air?

Me to Ms. French Girl: do you know where we have to go?

Ms. French Girl: uh, yes. Follow me! We need to go to Air China.

Air China? That’s odd.

I didn’t bother to question it. I kept going with her. Hell, it was better figuring this out all by myself.

We head to the Air China “Lost and Found” office, and we asked about our luggage.

Why were we asking about our luggage?

Later during our visit to the Lost and Found, Ms. French Girl thought we had to grab our luggage once again before we had to board the flight to Mongolia. She didn’t realize that our luggage was already marked with “Mongolia” as the final destination.  That’s why we were at the Lost and Found.

After we resolved that ordeal, Ms. French Girl and I headed to find “International Flights” section of the airport.

FYI: PEK is a huge airport. It makes sense though. It’s an international airport with flights coming/going to a wide range of countries.

We ultimately found the Mongolia Air counter.





What? Ugh really.

But it was OK because Ms. French Girl and I had time to kill before our Mongolia Air departure time.

We decided to go outside for some fresh air. It felt good to be outside because I’ve been in a terminal and/or plane all day. We also had a chance to get to know each other a little bit more. Ms. French Girl:

  • Originally from France but lives in Montreal
  • Quit her job a few months ago to travel
  • Just visited Cuba (hence her deep & envy worthy tan)
  • Going to Ulaanbaatar to visit a guy she met in Cuba (yup!)
  • Plans to travel until money runs out (2 more months, according to her)
  • Next destination is to be determined

I told her I was traveling for work, and how I never been to Asia before. I was mesmerized by her confidence, her ethereal appeal, and her carefree attitude about traveling.

We headed back inside, went through security, and saw a line was formed at the Mongolia Air counter.

Yes! I can now get my boarding pass.

After grabbing our respective boarding passes, we accompanied each other to the Mongolia Air terminal. Never have I been more happy to see a terminal than that Terminal C!

The terminal was empty with a few people sitting down. We both grabbed a seat, plopped our stuff on the ground, and let go a deep exhale.


We have been on a feet all day. It felt great to be sitting still. After I fell asleep taking a mini nap, I looked up and saw Ms. French Girl across the way charging her phone. My nap was the perfect length of time because it was boarding time!


With the size of the plane, there was only one boarding group. I get to my seat on the plane, put on my sweatshirt, take out my blanket, and I immediately close my eyes.

Boy, was I tired.

The plane wasn’t packed at all, resulting in me not having a seatmate. After everyone boarded and flight attendants did all the safety protocols, we were off.

I passed out the entire length of the flight. That was a deep and recharging sleep.

After a 3 hour flight, we were in Mongolia. It was about 12:30AM in the morning when I got off the plane. I had to walk through customs (again) before I could retrieve my luggage. Of course, I choose the line where there’s a complication with the visitor and his passport.

A serious looking Mongolian Customs agent with framed glasses starts pointing with aggression, instructing us to more lines open, go there!

I go to the shorter lines, and again, I choose the one with a complication. Ugh.

It’s OK. I was thankful I landed safely  in Mongolia.

I (finally) get through customs, and I head to get my luggage.

Hmm, why has the conveyer belt stopped? And why can’t I find my luggage?!

What felt like an anxiety attack, I calmed down and looked around. Let my observation skills kick in. I noticed everyone was going into this door near the luggage. There was no sign, no one helping passengers with missing luggage (like me).

Before I entered the walkway, I heard a familiar voice

Ms. French Girl: did you find your luggage?

Me: Nope

Ms. French Girl: maybe you need to go in there, yeah?

Me: I think so! (with as much energy as I could muster up)

I entered the walkway and saw my luggage in this dingy room. There were Mongolian airport agents everywhere. I tried to grab my luggage, and I hear wait, no cannot do that. I looked up, and I noticed that he was motioning me to bring my luggage to a bench and have it checked out.

I grab my luggage, lift it up (not one person offered to help me lift up my heavy luggage for inspection), and waited to be told what was next.

Mongolian Airport Agent: open.

Me: [unzipping luggage]

Mongolian Airport Agent: [rummaging through all my clothes and toiletries]. OK, good.

I quickly zipped up my luggage, yanked it off the bench and proceeded to walk out the door. I walked into Ms. French Girl; she came back to say goodbye.

I know, how sweet!

To Ms. French Girl: Thank you for accompanying me those latter part of my travels to Mongolia. I wish you safe and fun travels to wherever your travels take you.

After grabbing a cab, I headed to the hotel for what was going to be a deep night of sleep.  20 minute ride and I was pulling up to the Ramada. I had to run into the hotel to get money exchanged (sorry, no credit cards accepted!). Fortunately, a group of international businessmen from Germany (or a German speaking country) kindly let me go exchange my money ahead of them. Maybe my look of exhaustion had them pity me.

I gave the cab driver 35,000 Mongolian dollars (sounds like a lot, but it’s like $15 USD). I then checked in, headed up to my room, turned on the lights, and did another exhale.


I quickly unpacked my pajamas, headed to the modern and deco bathroom, and immediately put on the shower. I moved that temperature dial to “hot.”

After a nice long hot shower, I put on my PJs, crawled into the soft and comfy king size bed. I then turned off the lights, switched on the TV to the E! (first channel I came across I recognized), and closed my eyes.

Stay tuned for Part II where I talk about my Mongolian visit!


Easter in the BOI: Brunching + Hunting

Good news: I created a list of things to do this Easter.
Bad news: I won’t be in Boise for my first Easter (more details on that!)

That said, I STILL created  this list of things I would do if I was in Boise this Sunday.. Or, at least things I would LOVE to do.  What I LOVE about Easter (aside for a reason for me to wear bright pastels without judgment lol), is all the different ways to spend time with family. From brunching to feasts, to egg hunts, to church services — Easter is a time of family, friends, and celebrating a new season.

Here is @boise_bucketlist suggested list of Brunching & Hunting activities to do here in the BOI:


Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt

Ever wanted to try to find eggs that glow in the dark? Why not try now! Come out with your family and try to find some glow-in-the dark eggs! (Boise, 270 E. Pennsylvania)

EGGventure Hunt

This is hunt like no other. If you’re into engaging in obstacle courses, going on slides, jumping in a bounce house — all to get to your eggs — you’ve come to the right place!  (3225 E. Commercial Street, Meridian)

Pool Easter Egg Swim

Ready to see the Easter Bunny in his bathing suit? Well, you’ll have your chance at the Easter Egg Swim! Kids will be able to swim and look for the eggs at the bottom of the Nampa rec pool.  (131 Constitutional Way, Nampa Rec Center)



Angell’s Bar and Grill- Renato: looking for a buffet opportunity for both daytime and evening? Look no further.  Guests will have access to a traditional Easter spread, as well as an omelet station and meat-carving station.


The Riverside Hotel: it’s great to see that the Riverside Hotel is hosting an Easter event. I went to Riverside Hotel for Thanksgiving, and it was SO GOOD! Mmmm. From 9am-1:30pm, guests will have access to a diverse buffet spread: ham, rib, salmon, egg Benedict. I’m getting hungry as I read this!


Cottonwood Grille: I’ve only been to Cottonwood Grille once for lunch when I JUST moved to Boise. I am anxiously waiting to return. Luckily for you, you can enjoy their brunch menu this Sunday. The Sunday Brunch menu can appeal to just about anyone: egg lovers, seafood lovers, vegetarians, the brunching daredevil. Whatever your taste palette, the options are bountiful and can cater to your Easter brunching needs.

Honorable Mentions:

Bunny Ball – An Easter Prefunk @ Fatty’s:  I probably would have decided to go out on Friday, but why not for a Bunny Ball! I see this as an “adult” Easter egg hunt, especially with Wild 101 in the house, giving out plastic eggs filled 1) candy, 2) drink tickets, or even 3) CASH. I think it’s a perfect time to wear the brightest pastel colors, grab your girls (or bros), and get your funk on with the Easter Bunny.

Get Your Bunny On @ Reef Boise: Why not listen to some rock on a Saturday night? I would. Pilot Error, a classic rock cover band, will grace the stage for all of Boiseans to experience. Rock out this Easter at Reef Boise!

For those seeking to attend church, Boise has its fair share of Easter Services. I strongly encourage you to use Facebook to find which ones you’d prefer to attend. I never attended a early Easter morning service, and maybe I’ll save that experience for next year.

I wish you all a Happy Easter! And don’t forget to follow me at @boise_bucketlist to see what new adventures I’ll be experiencing overseas. It’ll be like you’re right there with me!


Dating in the BOI: 7 Type of Guys On Tinder

I know you’ve heard me talk about Tinder, and let’s not forget my most recent experience with Mr. McNasty. 

These Tinder pitfalls had me think about the type of guys I’ve come across while a single on Tinder. Of course, my list does not paint a general brush of ALL men on Tinder. That would be 1)wrong and 2) unfair to those decent men on Tinder.

Based on my experiences, here are my 7 type of guys you’ll find on Tinder:


On the surface, this does NOT seem like a horrible characteristics of a Tinder profile. It is an issue, however, if ALL of the photos are with his friends. I mean, should I have to play HIDE AND SEEK when looking at a profile?

I wonder who the guy is.

No, that’s not what I want to play when I’m already on a dating app.

Makes me wonder if this a strategic move, especially if it appears most of the friends in the photo are relatively attractive.

Or tall.

Or smiling.

Dating in the BOI Tip: It’s normal to have photos of your friends. Just don’t make them ALL of your photos.


Nothing is wrong with a selfie — here and there. It’s a whole other ballgame when EACH and EVERY photo is a selfie. Let’s review the type of selfies I’ve seen:

  • Duck face selfie
  • Just-worked-out selfie
  • In-my-car-casually-driving selfie
  • After-shower selfie
  • I’m-trying-but-not-trying selfie

Dating in the BOI Tip: Please don’t bombard your entire Tinder profile to all selfies. It makes it seem you are obsessed wit your looks.


I mentioned this in my Guys You Find on POF blog post. It’s basically Mr. Time Suck.  Here’s a typical conversation:

Mr. Nowhere Land: Hey, what’s up?

Me: Nothing much. How are you?

Mr. Nowhere Land: Nothing much.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Why start a conversation if CONVERSING is not your purpose.

Dating in the BOI tip: Don’t embark on the journey to nowhere land.


Unlike Bumble (app allegedly to be female-friendly where the female has to initiate the conversation), the unspoken rule of Tinder is the man initiates the conversation after he matches. It’s intimidating to send a man a message, especially for a woman, because we don’t want to seem like 1) we are CHASING the guy and 2) we seem DESPERATE. I typically give a guy I matched with 2 weeks before I write him off. I’ve had experiences where they haven’t logged into Tinder for a few days or even weeks. I believe this because I do it!

Disclaimer: this is an unspoken rule, and it applies to my heterosexual experiences.

I have PLENTY of idle matches sitting in my Tinder app. And, most likely, they will remain idle.


There was this one match on Tinder, and he was so eager to meet. He would consistently message me, and I was interested. When it came time to finalize the details, I would get a constant “reschedule” or a “too busy.”

Buddy, really?!

OK, that’s fine by me. I  K.I.M (KEEP IT MOVING) when it comes to these type of guys. If you are not careful, this person will ultimately become a TIME WASTER!


Like with the guy who has only photos with his bros/friends, there is also the guy who only has photos with girls. And these are the photos with NO explanation (for example: my sister, my cousin, etc.). I question some accounts where there is only photo of women because I wonder:

1) is this a couple looking to spice up their love life?

2) does this guy want to brag about his contact with beautiful women?

3) are these past girlfriends he is showing off?

I have no clue. But whatever the reason is, I swipe LEFT. No interest whatsoever.

Dating in the BOI tip: Diversify your photos. More importantly, if you have photos with other women, it’s best to clarify it in your bio. Don’t leave it up for interpretation, unless that’s your point.


Have you ever had to delete & re-download the Tinder app? Yes, I have. I deleted it a few months back, then I re-downloaded it soon thereafter. That said, there has been moments where I have matched…

and matched…

and matched with the SAME GUY.

This situation has occurred multiple times here in Boise!

What’s more comical is that these guys have evolved into #4 above: GUY WHO NEVER MESSAGES.

This  is my take on the 7 most common type of guys I’ve seen on Tinder. There are a few who I haven’t categorized (like Mr. McNasty), but this is a common thread I’ve seen over the course of my time on Tinder!

Do YOU have a horrible Tinder story?

What about a success story?

I’d LOVE to hear it! Send an email to theboisebucketlist@gmail.com.

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