Love in the BOI: Jess and Greg

This story has a unique twist. It’s told from the matchmaker’s perspective – the groom’s sister. This is the Love in the BOI story of Jess and Greg, told by Haley.


haley 1


How Did They Meet?

In 2007, my brother Greg graduated high school and moved to SLC to go
to college at Westminster. In 2008, Jess moved to Boise from Idaho Falls for her senior year and we quickly became friends. She went off to college, and when she was at Lewis and Clark College in Lewiston and I was at Washington State University in Pullman, we made many trips to visit and stay in touch. Jess and I both graduated in May of 2014 and returned to Boise. After a couple months of being busy with out new adult lives, we met for coffee at the Flying M. She was talking about how into weight lifting she was and tried her hardest to get me to be her workout buddy. I was working on getting my pre-college body back, but was no where near body building status. I did offer an alternative workout partner to myself, which happened to be my brother. He recently moved back to Boise from Salt Lake and had always been a gym rat. I gave her My brother’s number and encouraged the idea. Soon after, they set a time to go workout.


Describe Their First Date

Jess and Greg had such a great time working out, that their gym date turned into a coffee date,which then turned into a lunch date, all in one day! After Greg decided to officially ask Jess out on a date to Silver City, they were inseparable ever since. A year and a half later Greg proposed on what should’ve been a hot air balloon ride, but the weather didn’t agree, so he went with plan b and took an early morning walk down the greenbelt on the Fourth of July and surprised her on his knee near the river. Fast forward to October 14,2017, they had a beautiful wedding at the Bishops House in Boise. The newlyweds went on a gorgeous honeymoon to St. Lucia and bought a house last month.

What Do They Like To Do In Boise?

Greg and Jess enjoy anything outdoors in Idaho from hiking the foothills with
their 7 year old yellow lab Jack, to spending a much needed weekend in
a remote yurt and hot springs.  Jess is a night nurse, so their time
together is sporadic, but they make many memories together.

haley 2

How Do You Feel About Playing Matchmaker?

Jess and Greg are opposites, but the yin to the others yang. Although I wasn’t planning
to set them up, it was the most serendipitous meeting. It is still funny to think that they just barely missed meeting each other in while I was in high school, but it worked out for the best. I’m excited to see what their life together brings.

haley 3


What’s fun about this story is that I get to work with Haley on a professional level. I’m also going to work with her on some special projects for Boise Bucket List. Stay tuned!




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