Netflix and Chill?

So, my weekend hasn’t gone as expected:

1). Lost my voice

2) Still fighting a cold

3) Friday Night Date cancelled because of the weather ( no new Dating in the BOI stories)

4) Missed out at the Black Rock Coffee Bar Ugly Sweater Party

5) Missed out on a graduation party

Instead, I had no choice but to Netflix & Chill: watch some Netflix & chill my ass at home in this chilly weather. (I’m witty, huh?)

Being that I’m at home relaxing, I decided to shed light on my  5 go-to Netflix shows & movies to watch when I’m cooped up in the house while it’s chilly out:

Grey’s Anatomy

Shondaland  has been blessing our TV screens for over  13 years. Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows where it’s been running for so long, I forget the beginning storylines. I particularly wanted to remember when Denny Doucette (what’s up Negan fans!) and Izzy Stephens fell in love; when Cristina was still a main character; when Derek was alive and chasing Meredith (I fell in love more with Patrick Dempsey when I found out he is from Lewiston, Maine — the placed I used to work in when I lived in Maine); when Dr. McSteamy was breaking hearts.


Gilmore Girls

My love for Gilmore Girls started a few years back. Believe it or not, I didn’t watch it (shock!) when it was originally on TV. It’s somewhat surprising given that it was a very popular show during my time. I guess I was too caught up in Dawson’s Creek (damn, I’m aging myself :/). With the new Gilmore Girls Netflix special, I figured it was time to refresh my memory of the characters. I like to grab a big cup of coffee, warm blanket, some Twizzlers, and travel to Stars Hollow & become reacquainted with its residents.


The Walking Dead

With all the recent deaths and character kill-offs, I’ve started to miss the old characters (remember Dale?). Despite the brutal deaths and plot twists, I’ve come to love this show. I see why TWD has its own niche and dedicated fans — myself included. I do see myself going to some conventions next year to meet the actors (totally love Daryl and Negan). I don’t watch too many episodes, but I do like to watch a few of my favorites.


10 Things I Hate About You

Now I’m really bringing it back! Late 90’s teen classic starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a lighthearted, teen classic movie

I LOVE Say Anything, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club. Not on the list because not currently on Netflix 😦


I love this movie because it’s fun, the soundtrack is one of my favs, and it’s a chance to see the late-Heath Ledger. Don’t deny that you sometimes put on that old teen classic and reminisce…

The Holiday

Cameron Diaz + Jack Black = win.

I would watch this movie even if it wasn’t the holiday season. But because it is, I figure it should be on my list. Aside from the eye candy that is Jude Law, I find Cameron Diaz entertaining and quirky (like in many of her other movies), Jack Black a perfect combination of sweet and funny, and fond of Kate Winslet’s character growth. One of my favorite parts was when Kate Winslet accompanied Cameron Diaz’s neighbor to his recognition ceremony. I’m a sucker for these type of feel-good warm moments.


Well, that’s it folks.

These are my go-to movies/shows when I’m Netflixing in the comfort of my home. Now, these choices are only because I’m single. If we were to use the other “Netflix and Chill” connotation, I would probably have different movies listed.

What are some of your favorite movies to watch on Neftflix?


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