Love in the BOI: Sladja & Devin



To celebrate the month of love, I asked local couples to share their stories of how they fell in love in the City of Trees.

Meet Sladja & Devin. Here’s their BOI Love Story:

IMG_4195 (1)

How did you and Devin meet?

We met at a friends’ wedding; my friend Catalina and his friend Gabe were getting married. He approached me on the dance floor and complimented my outfit. We talked the remainder of the evening and exchanged phone numbers; he asked first of course.

Describe Your First Date.

Our first date was very simple and casual, my style. We went out to dinner to Matador, a local Mexican joint. We realized later that both of our favorite food was Mexican. We barely ate but instead talked for 2 hours getting to know one another. After dinner, we went to his place and watched a movie. We were inseparable from that moment on.

What advice do you have for those looking for love in Boise?

Don’t be so picky, but don’t settle either. What I mean by this is lose your “type” or the idea of a “perfect” person because it will limit who you meet based on your own judgement but don’t allow your character to be questioned based upon what you think the other person will like. Believe your worth because there’s only one of you and every person deserves love. People often, myself included, confuse lonely and alone. If you feel lonely, you’re better off being alone. I also truly believe you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else and allow them to love you back.

Where is your favorite place to go (or thing to do) together as a couple?

We love to go anywhere outdoors. We love to hike and/or backpack with our pups through the wilderness; one of our favorite spots is Stanley, ID. It’s one of our favorite ways to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of work and social media stress. For us, it’s the best way to spend quality time together and go back to basics.


IMG_1612 (1).jpg
Sladja & Devin with their fur babies 

FYI – I enjoy Sladja’s instagram page and been following her for some time. I was even behind her in line when Bleu Bird Cafe closed a few weeks back. Make sure to give Sladja  a follow!

Do you have a Love in the BOI story? Feel free to email me at

Football at Albertson Stadium


People don’t think of Idaho as much of a sports haven. There’s not a noteworthy professional team in the state, and indeed this entire region of the country is fairly light on professional sports. But in a way, that makes the sports that are popular even more exciting. After all, Nebraska – another state that’s not generally associated with major sports – is thought to have a fan base that makes up one of the loudest groups in the nation. Boise State can’t quite make that kind of claim – but it does have a very strong football tradition that’s worth getting into if you’re in town.

That football tradition may actually be harder to notice in the greater United States than it was just a few years ago. That’s because of the College Football Playoff, which has taken focus away from traditional bowl games and put the spotlight on the top four teams in the country in any given year. For instance, last year we saw a national championship match-up pitting Alabama against Clemson – the team they beat to claim the 2015 title. That’s the kind of repetition people are used to at the very top of the game, and it means schools like those two, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and a small handful of others are traditionally going to be viewed as the best of the best.

Just a few years ago, however, Boise State was known as a perennial presence in national debate over premiere bowl games. From 2006-2012 the team amassed a cumulative record of 84-8, going undefeated twice and finishing with just one loss on three separate occasions. Those were the kinds of seasons that earned consideration for top bowl games, and still do – just not necessarily in the College Football Playoff.

All that is to say that this is a truly top-notch football program, despite belonging to a town not known for spectator sports. That alone is a good reason to check out a game if you get the chance, because the best college football experiences are always those that involve proud fans and program traditions. But the stadium itself also factors in.

Located right on Boise River and essentially across from the zoo, Albertsons Stadium is in a great spot, and a fairly easy one to find and navigate. It’s a modern stadium with great seating, satisfying food and beverage options, and droves of enthusiastic fans that provide a strong sense of atmosphere. Most famously, it’s also home to “The Blue,” the world’s first blue Astro Turf field and arguably the key identifying feature of the program. It’s a little bit difficult to explain how, but The Blue seems to foster a greater sense of unity among fans, and even between those fans and the team itself. It also make the stadium feel that much more unique at all times, and particularly during an evening game when the lights are shining down upon it.

All in all it’s a great thing to do in town, and something visitors and locals alike should consider!

Hurricane Harvey: How to Help in Boise

As many of you may know, being from South Florida entails experiencing my own share of hurricanes. Now that I’ve lived through snow storms, tornados, ice storms – I can truly compare these natural disasters living through a hurricane. With any natural disaster, you can do as much pre-planning as possible, but you can never anticipate the destruction until the hurricane is over. I remember my family losing power for 8 long days. Another hurricane came later that year, resulting in 5 days without power.


I’ve been receiving a few direct messages asking about how you all can donate locally to help with Hurricane Harvey.  Below is a list of local companies and events that are hosting/leading efforts to help with Hurricane Harvey victims:


Roaring Springs Waterpark

Roaring Springs Water Park in Meridian is hosting a benefit concert in partnership with Project 88.7. From 6:30pm – 9:30pm Thursday August 31st, enjoy full access to roaring springs, have fun listening to music all while raising funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. ALL PROCEEDS from the show will go to the relief efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Tickets are $20+tax per person online in advance. if you have a group of 15 or more,  call 208-884-8842 ext. 3031 to make advance reservations at $15+ tax per person. For more information, please visit Roaring Springs Instagram page at @roaringspringswaterparkidaho.



The owners of BBQ4Life is heading to Houston to cook for the Hurricane Harvey victims. They are driving their largest smoker to Houston next Monday. The ultimate goal is for them to bring TWO of their largest trucks to Houston. According to their Facebook page, the need the following to be donated:

  • Cases of meat
  • #10 cans of vegetables
  • Styrofoam clam shells
  • aluminum trays and lids
  • paper towels
  • silverware packs (pack with fork, knife. napkin, salt and pepper)
  • food service gloves
  • aluminum foil
  • BBQ sauce
  • rubs and seasonings
Brad Taylor – the owner – also started a GoFundMe account to help pay for travel costs. Please donate here: 
You can drop off the donations directly at their location at 930 South Vista Avenue

Haircuts for Houston
Local hairstyles are hosting a Cut-a-Thon to help raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Mary- Selena  of @boise_hair is originally from Houston, and she is coordinating these efforts. The event is September 8th at Chateau des Fleurs. Haircuts will be $25, but you can of course donate more. They will also collect supplies including:
  • nonperishable foods
  • water
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • formula
  • dog/cat food
  • clothes
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • women’s hygiene
  • anything that will help
To learn more about the event, visit the Facebook event page here:
If you have any word on additional efforts, please email me at I will repost on my page and add to this blog post.

I’m thankful I never was a victim of total destruction from a hurricane. I just know that when the community comes together (near and far), it helps offset the pain and sorrow you feel when things are beyond your control and you are left with nothing. Your help and donations will help those in need see light during this time of darkness.

Food Truck Friday Review: Twister Sister Coffee & Smoothies



It’s Friday, and you know what that means:

Boise Bucket List Food Truck Review!

This week, I had the honor of meeting Karlie & Matthew – owners of the Twister Sister Coffee and Smoothies.

Why so Twisted, Sister?

Karlie & Matthew  decided to get into the food truck business back in October 2016. Matthew – a wildlife firefighter, and Karlie – a student at BSU, were driving around Boise and saw a “for sale” sign in the Twisted Sister Coffee Truck.


Karlie & Matthew contacted the owner, and before they knew it, there were proud owners of EVERYTHING TWISTED SISTER. From the name, to the food truck — even advice on how to get started as a food truck business.  Karlie & Matthew opted to do coffee because during the long days as a wildlife firefighter, coffee wasn’t always fresh. Why not bring the coffee to the firefighters?

Did someone say Potato Drop?

Twisted Sister Coffee had their first big break at the 2017 Idaho Potato Drop celebration. With all the attendees feigning for hot chocolate (or something hot for that 12 degree freezing weather!), it’s no surprise that they sold out of over 15 gallons of milk! They were swamped so much that neither Karlie or Matthew were able to see the potato drop!

Let’s Talk About Deals:

Twisted Sister Coffee has the coolest deals around:

  • Customer Punch Card (get 10 drinks, get 1 free)
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup): get a $1.00 off a drink (perfect for those who have that favorite coffee cup)
  • Monthly special drinks created by Karlie and Matthew (this month it’s the Banana Muffin Mocha and the Birthday Cake Mocha
  • Glazed Donuts for purchase
  • Iced AND blended coffee drinks



Want to get Twisted too? You can find  Twister Sister Coffee here:


Facebook Page:

Instagram Page:

Some Twisted Facts:

  • Karlie and Matthew have a monthly competition of whose monthly special sells the most. I won’t tell you who is behind the Birthday Cake Mocha or the Banana Muffin Mocha. Just know that if you buy the  monthly special, you’re contributing to a friendly husband/wife competition!
  • Not only sells coffee. Twisted Sister also sells smoothies, espresso drinks, and delicious pastries
  • Karlie balanced going to school & planning a wedding all while she and Matthew were gearing up to launch this food truck (true entrepreneurship!)
  • A Facebook followers of theirs drove all the way from downtown Boise to ISU in Meridian just to try their almond nut chai (yes people, it’s that good!)

Boise Bucket List Review

As you may get from my feed at @boise_bucketlist, I love coffee. I mean, I was raised on coffee. In my parents’ house, I have this huge coffee mug that I’m known for. My poor dad has to make extra coffee whenever I’m visiting. He doesn’t mind!

That said, I was so happy to drive over to HP and meet Karlie & Matthew. They are the young couple who are chasing their entrepreneurial dream. When I first arrived, I met Matthew who is at the window. After introducing  myself (which, by the way is a unique experience because my followers don’t necessarily know how I look), I started chatting with Matthew. Karlie joined us soon thereafter.

While I was interviewing them about their story, one of their regular customers was at the window ready to order. This customer had no idea I was interviewing Karlie for my review. Because of her not knowing, I could see how much she enjoyed the coffee served at Twisted Sister. She ended up getting the “Blue Monster.” Once she realized I was interviewing Karlie, she was raving about the food truck! I love when that happens.

After my awesome interview, Matthew prepared me the almond latte.

OMG – I see  why the Facebook fan drove to Meridian to get his fix. It’s that good!



Plus, it was raining out when I met up with Karlie and Matthew. So it was the perfect way to keep me warm.

More importantly, I’m a huge fan and supporter of small businesses who are out here chasing their dreams. Karlie and Matthew are no exception. They continue to grow and prosper with the help and support of the local food truck scene here in Boise, especially the Idaho Food Truck Coalition. And let’s not forget about my buddies at MakyJames Grill. They, too, serve as mentors to fellow food truck owners.

Get Twisted with Twisted Sister Coffee & tell them Boise Bucket List says hello! You’ll thank me once you try that almond latte 🙂

Would you like to be featured on Boise Bucket List? I’m always on the hunt for the best food trucks around, whether you’re starting up or been in business for some time. Email me at to chat & get started!



Let’s Tango: BOI Foodie Review

Let’s Tango.Better yet — let’s tango in Argentina. Not literally, but it’s on my life bucket list.

By chance, I ended up seeing Tango’s Empanadas, a locally own restaurant which serves over 45 different empanadas. Yes, I say over 45!

Fun fact: I grew up eating empanadas

What are empanadas? Funny you ask. An empanada is stuffed bread or dough filled common in Latin and Spanish-influenced countries. How empanadas are made, including whether stuffed with meat, cheese, or dessert filling, vary by country.

Today I tried empanadas made with Aregentina touch. Tango’s Empanadas is located in Boise and in Nampa. I went to the Nampa one.

I was greeted by a short, bubbly woman with a warm smile. She welcomed us (me and my company), asked if we’ve been to Tango’s before. We both answered with no, but made sure we expressed our familiarity with empanadas.

With over 45 choices, I felt like I was in empanada heaven! From the Gaucho (stuffed with ground beef, eggs, olives, onions,  bell peppers, and flavorful spices) to the Jugosa (stuffed with ground beef, bacon and beans), to vegetarian options including Cuzco and Chinese — you have your options to choose from.

I ended up ordering for the day:

  • The Gaucho
  • The Breakfast
  • The Brazilian (filled with nutella-like filling!)

Let’s just say the Gaucho tangoed on my taste buds! For only $2.50 each (yes, I said only. Some places in the south where I ordered empanadas charged over $3 for something half that size!) you get a LARGE, freshly made empanada made from soft crust, warm, and filled to capacity.

If you order more than one, all are placed into a box and labeled with a black magic marker. That way, you won’t forget what was ordered since they all look alike.

Whether you’re in Nampa or in Boise, I strongly suggest you get your tango on. You have a vast selection, you’ll never get bored, and you’re supporting a local business (#shopsmall).

What’s one of your favorite cultural restaurants in the Treasure Valley? Send suggestions to!

Netflix and Chill?

So, my weekend hasn’t gone as expected:

1). Lost my voice

2) Still fighting a cold

3) Friday Night Date cancelled because of the weather ( no new Dating in the BOI stories)

4) Missed out at the Black Rock Coffee Bar Ugly Sweater Party

5) Missed out on a graduation party

Instead, I had no choice but to Netflix & Chill: watch some Netflix & chill my ass at home in this chilly weather. (I’m witty, huh?)

Being that I’m at home relaxing, I decided to shed light on my  5 go-to Netflix shows & movies to watch when I’m cooped up in the house while it’s chilly out:

Grey’s Anatomy

Shondaland  has been blessing our TV screens for over  13 years. Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows where it’s been running for so long, I forget the beginning storylines. I particularly wanted to remember when Denny Doucette (what’s up Negan fans!) and Izzy Stephens fell in love; when Cristina was still a main character; when Derek was alive and chasing Meredith (I fell in love more with Patrick Dempsey when I found out he is from Lewiston, Maine — the placed I used to work in when I lived in Maine); when Dr. McSteamy was breaking hearts.


Gilmore Girls

My love for Gilmore Girls started a few years back. Believe it or not, I didn’t watch it (shock!) when it was originally on TV. It’s somewhat surprising given that it was a very popular show during my time. I guess I was too caught up in Dawson’s Creek (damn, I’m aging myself :/). With the new Gilmore Girls Netflix special, I figured it was time to refresh my memory of the characters. I like to grab a big cup of coffee, warm blanket, some Twizzlers, and travel to Stars Hollow & become reacquainted with its residents.


The Walking Dead

With all the recent deaths and character kill-offs, I’ve started to miss the old characters (remember Dale?). Despite the brutal deaths and plot twists, I’ve come to love this show. I see why TWD has its own niche and dedicated fans — myself included. I do see myself going to some conventions next year to meet the actors (totally love Daryl and Negan). I don’t watch too many episodes, but I do like to watch a few of my favorites.


10 Things I Hate About You

Now I’m really bringing it back! Late 90’s teen classic starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a lighthearted, teen classic movie

I LOVE Say Anything, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club. Not on the list because not currently on Netflix 😦


I love this movie because it’s fun, the soundtrack is one of my favs, and it’s a chance to see the late-Heath Ledger. Don’t deny that you sometimes put on that old teen classic and reminisce…

The Holiday

Cameron Diaz + Jack Black = win.

I would watch this movie even if it wasn’t the holiday season. But because it is, I figure it should be on my list. Aside from the eye candy that is Jude Law, I find Cameron Diaz entertaining and quirky (like in many of her other movies), Jack Black a perfect combination of sweet and funny, and fond of Kate Winslet’s character growth. One of my favorite parts was when Kate Winslet accompanied Cameron Diaz’s neighbor to his recognition ceremony. I’m a sucker for these type of feel-good warm moments.


Well, that’s it folks.

These are my go-to movies/shows when I’m Netflixing in the comfort of my home. Now, these choices are only because I’m single. If we were to use the other “Netflix and Chill” connotation, I would probably have different movies listed.

What are some of your favorite movies to watch on Neftflix?

BEER-ific Review: Top 3 Things of Boise Brewing

Last night, I checked out Boise Brewing for the 1st time. Although craft beers weren’t as popular in South Florida while I was living there, I picked up this interest in the craft brew scene when I lived in Maine.

Disclaimer: I am not a beer connoisseur whatsoever. That said, I don’t necessarily judge the craft beers based off substance. Some critics have mentioned to me breweries are all the same.

Uhh, no not really.

How I view going to breweries is that it’s an experience, because I usually:

  • Take my time to review the menu (if you’re a newbie like me)
  • Check out the decor
  • Interact with the server, asking for suggestions
  • Hang out in the tasting room
  • Take a brewery tour (if available)
  • Hang out with friends, co-workers, boyfriend (when I had one), or like yesterday — young professionals of Boise

Based on yesterday’s visit, here’s my BEER-ific review of Boise Brewing:


  1. Private Room is worth a visit: I was impressed on how quaint and comfortable the private room was. It comfortably fits 30+ people, fair share of places to sit (including a ledge with a view of downstairs), and a staircase with a straight shot to the bar. That’s always a win. If you’re thinking about a cozy place for a gathering, whether it’s for your office or group of friends, I suggest you checkout Boise Brewing’s private area upstairs.
  2. Active Calendar of Events. As I mentioned above, part of my brewery experience is checking out the decor and my surroundings. While waiting for the lovely server to prepare my pint of Broad Street Blonde, I used that time wisely to look around the bar. My eye caught the attention of the bright Yellow and Blue calendar of events for December. Below are some of the events listed:
    • Frequent Food Truck visits (I have a thing for food trucks!) by Westos Locos, B-Town Bistro and Rusty Dog
    • Free Comedy Night
    • Daily Happy Hour specials

Time to mark my calendar!!

3. Responsible for annual Hoptober Freshtival I’m pretty bummed that when I first moved to Boise, I wasn’t aware of this FRESHtival. Otherwise, I would have attended and scratched it off my #boisebucketlist.

Oh well. There’s always next year.

According to their website, over 60 fresh hop and season beers from 30+ local/regional craft breweries are featured. Over 2,000 (yes 2K) patrons attend each year.


I plan on going next week to take advantage of the $1.00 off the featured food truck.

Have you checked out Boise Brewing? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!!



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