Over the Moon @ Moon Blossom Day Spa

Before my long travels to Asia, nothing was better than receiving a facial from the ladies at Moon Blossom Day Spa! These ladies invited me to checkout their business, and boy was I blown away.

Located in Nampa (near Nampa High School), what seems like an ordinary establishment on the outside is a spa oasis in the inside. As you walk up the stairs, you may not think you’re walking to a spa, but don’t be fooled!

When you enter the door, you’re greeted with a cozy and comfortable setting, coupled with friendly staff and calming scents.

About Moon Blossom Day Spa

Moon Blossom Day Spa is a locally owned spa that opened up nearly two years ago. The co-owners, Aubrey and Shelly, were co-workers at their previous place of employment.  Aubrey and Shelly decided to step out on their own and open up their own spa — thank goodness! Moon Blossom Day Spa now blesses Nampa & the rest of the Treasure Valley.

The Spa offers so many different services, including:

  • Massage
  • Skin Care
  • Body Wraps
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Waxing
  • Hair & Nail Services
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Spa Day Packages
  • Spa Group Parties (PERFECT for brides, birthday parties, and other celebrations)

Boise Bucket List Facial

Aubrey treated me to the Moon Blossom Classic Facial. Boy, was my skin forever grateful! The Classic Facial includes:

  • Gentle Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Warm Towel Treatment
  • Shoulder & Neck Stress-Reliever Massage
  • Clarifying Mask

OMG – I didn’t want this to end. Not at all! It was extremely relaxing, comforting, and gave me the refreshing glow anyone would want — especially before traveling to a new destination.

I particularly enjoyed Aubrey’s personal touch and attention. Moreover, I felt I was in my own private spa oasis. The spa room was cozy, comfortable, and had the perfect personal touch (photos of Aubrey’s beautiful little girl is on the wall near the door). From the classic relaxing sounds playing from the speakers to the calming aroma circulating the room — I was in a deep relaxing state I haven’t been in for some time.

I have extremely weak forearms (Carpel Tunnel anyone?!), and I’ll say her massage relieved some of the pressure I typically experience. It’s as though any build up in my forearm was released and dissipated.

I strongly suggest you visit the lovely ladies at Moon Blossom Day Spa!

Are you a student at College of Idaho and NNU? Even better! You get to enjoy a discount when you show your student ID (winning!).

Head out to Nampa & fall over the moon for the Moon Blossom Day Spa. You won’t be disappointed.

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This post was sponsored by Moon Blossom Day Spa. All opinions are my own. 

Let’s Tango: BOI Foodie Review

Let’s Tango.Better yet — let’s tango in Argentina. Not literally, but it’s on my life bucket list.

By chance, I ended up seeing Tango’s Empanadas, a locally own restaurant which serves over 45 different empanadas. Yes, I say over 45!

Fun fact: I grew up eating empanadas

What are empanadas? Funny you ask. An empanada is stuffed bread or dough filled common in Latin and Spanish-influenced countries. How empanadas are made, including whether stuffed with meat, cheese, or dessert filling, vary by country.

Today I tried empanadas made with Aregentina touch. Tango’s Empanadas is located in Boise and in Nampa. I went to the Nampa one.

I was greeted by a short, bubbly woman with a warm smile. She welcomed us (me and my company), asked if we’ve been to Tango’s before. We both answered with no, but made sure we expressed our familiarity with empanadas.

With over 45 choices, I felt like I was in empanada heaven! From the Gaucho (stuffed with ground beef, eggs, olives, onions,  bell peppers, and flavorful spices) to the Jugosa (stuffed with ground beef, bacon and beans), to vegetarian options including Cuzco and Chinese — you have your options to choose from.

I ended up ordering for the day:

  • The Gaucho
  • The Breakfast
  • The Brazilian (filled with nutella-like filling!)

Let’s just say the Gaucho tangoed on my taste buds! For only $2.50 each (yes, I said only. Some places in the south where I ordered empanadas charged over $3 for something half that size!) you get a LARGE, freshly made empanada made from soft crust, warm, and filled to capacity.

If you order more than one, all are placed into a box and labeled with a black magic marker. That way, you won’t forget what was ordered since they all look alike.

Whether you’re in Nampa or in Boise, I strongly suggest you get your tango on. You have a vast selection, you’ll never get bored, and you’re supporting a local business (#shopsmall).

What’s one of your favorite cultural restaurants in the Treasure Valley? Send suggestions to theboisebuckelist@gmail.com!