BEER-ific Review: Top 3 Things of Boise Brewing

Last night, I checked out Boise Brewing for the 1st time. Although craft beers weren’t as popular in South Florida while I was living there, I picked up this interest in the craft brew scene when I lived in Maine.

Disclaimer: I am not a beer connoisseur whatsoever. That said, I don’t necessarily judge the craft beers based off substance. Some critics have mentioned to me breweries are all the same.

Uhh, no not really.

How I view going to breweries is that it’s an experience, because I usually:

  • Take my time to review the menu (if you’re a newbie like me)
  • Check out the decor
  • Interact with the server, asking for suggestions
  • Hang out in the tasting room
  • Take a brewery tour (if available)
  • Hang out with friends, co-workers, boyfriend (when I had one), or like yesterday — young professionals of Boise

Based on yesterday’s visit, here’s my BEER-ific review of Boise Brewing:


  1. Private Room is worth a visit: I was impressed on how quaint and comfortable the private room was. It comfortably fits 30+ people, fair share of places to sit (including a ledge with a view of downstairs), and a staircase with a straight shot to the bar. That’s always a win. If you’re thinking about a cozy place for a gathering, whether it’s for your office or group of friends, I suggest you checkout Boise Brewing’s private area upstairs.
  2. Active Calendar of Events. As I mentioned above, part of my brewery experience is checking out the decor and my surroundings. While waiting for the lovely server to prepare my pint of Broad Street Blonde, I used that time wisely to look around the bar. My eye caught the attention of the bright Yellow and Blue calendar of events for December. Below are some of the events listed:
    • Frequent Food Truck visits (I have a thing for food trucks!) by Westos Locos, B-Town Bistro and Rusty Dog
    • Free Comedy Night
    • Daily Happy Hour specials

Time to mark my calendar!!

3. Responsible for annual Hoptober Freshtival I’m pretty bummed that when I first moved to Boise, I wasn’t aware of this FRESHtival. Otherwise, I would have attended and scratched it off my #boisebucketlist.

Oh well. There’s always next year.

According to their website, over 60 fresh hop and season beers from 30+ local/regional craft breweries are featured. Over 2,000 (yes 2K) patrons attend each year.


I plan on going next week to take advantage of the $1.00 off the featured food truck.

Have you checked out Boise Brewing? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!!