Get Juiced, Boise!

I’m feeling under the weather.

Is that a surprise? Probably not considering this weather. It doesn’t help that my colleague’s son is sick, causing her to be sick, and now the rest of the staff is down! I’m going to fight this, no matter what I have to do. I have a date this Friday night! Another (potential) story to add to my other #datingintheBOI moments.

Rather than pumping some ramen noodles in my system (which is fine, but I’ve been eating healthy these past few weeks & don’t want all that sodium in my system), I decided to finally checkout Boise Juice Co., a local company which makes cold-pressed juices, whole-food smoothies, and acai bowls. No better reason (at least for me) to visit a juice bar is when I’m under the weather.

It’s about 5 miles away from my job — not much of a drive.

I pulled up and saw Boise Hot Yoga. I thought hmm, I should add this to my #boisebucketlist. Duly noted. After being greeted by a nice gentleman, I proceeded to the counter and asked the young lady about what’s good for a cold. I kind of put her on the spot, but I wanted to maximize my first visit to Boise Juice Co. 

I ended up getting:

  1. The Popeye: an acai bowl mixed with blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, banana, kale, spinach, and apple juice. It’s then topped with organic hemp granola, banana, strawberries, and pineapple honey.
  2. Turmeric Tonic juice: pineapple, orange, carrot, turmeric and ginger
  3. Nice Melons juice (help with my immunity): red apples, cantaloupe, orange, carrot, and lemon

I plan to drink the juices throughout the day until I get home for some delicious soup. Most likely, I’ll lay out on my couch, turn on some Vanderpump Rules, and veg out.

C’mon people, I need to get better before Friday!


Want to checkout Boise Juice Co. yourself? Visit their website here: